How Do Advanced Bone Density Detection Tools Improve Your In-office Testing Capabilities

How Do Advanced Bone Density Detection Tools Improve Your In-Office Testing Capabilities

The MiniOmni bone density scanner is the most convenient way to make accurate bone-density assessments, as it is affordable, easy to use, and reliable. Bone density scanners are ultra-sound devices that can measure the quantity of minerals in your patient’s bones.

We understand that osteoporosis is a common problem afflicting over 10 million Americans and that around 40 million are highly susceptible to developing the condition because of low bone mass.

Early Assessment of Osteoporosis

Early identification and assessment of osteoporosis are easy with MiniOmini scanners. The scanners can detect even minor calcium deficiencies, Vitamin D deficiencies, and tissue loss. We understand that women are highly vulnerable to osteoporosis after the age of 50.

The use of MiniOmini scanners on female patients who are older than 50 or other patients with suspected bone density problems will allow the early detection of bone density and bone mass issues. The early identification of these issues will also facilitate early treatment measures and steps to prevent the condition from worsening.

Quick Screening Solution

MiniOmni scanners are a quick way to scan and diagnose bone density issues and deficiencies. The fact that the scanners have USB connectivity and easy-configuration features boost their user-friendliness. Doctors and other health care professionals can screen patients quickly. Hence, the scanners can help you attend to more patients during the day.

The laptop connectivity also allows easy generation and delivery of results. You can now complete comprehensive ultra-sound scanning and result generation with a few simple clicks. The bone density scanner generates WHO compliant T-score and Z-score results that are easy to read and understand.

Portable Solution

The portability factor is highly beneficial to home visits. Since the device is small and easy to carry, MiniOmni scanners are perfect for medical camps, out-of-clinic programs, and other visits.

All you need is the scanner and a laptop or other compatible device to carry out the inspection procedure. MiniOmni scanners have made ultra-sound texting simple, straightforward, and convenient.

The portability feature will allow the easy conduction of healthcare programs and health fairs. The device also comes with a convenient carry base.

Classification of Patients Based on Risk

With MiniOmni scanners, you can detect bone density issues and deficiencies and assess the severity of your patient’s condition. You can also classify risk levels based on other health issues the patient may have.

The assessment and classification will allow doctors and clinical professionals to pay special attention to “high-risk” patients and prescribe appropriate medication or treatments to manage the issue.

Patients with conditions like diabetes and hormonal issues have a higher risk of developing bone-related conditions. The device also helps doctors assess the patient’s joint health.

Affordable Solution

Hundreds of health care professionals and clinics vouch for the affordability and effectiveness of MiniOmni scanners. These devices don’t require any additional disposable devices to function. Hence, there are no additional costs that are incurred for operating the device.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Bone Density Scanners

At BeamMed Ltd, our primary focus is to provide affordable ultra-sound solutions to doctors and medical facilities without compromising on quality or accuracy. You can explore our range of scanners on our website or find out more about our products by calling 800-769-6808

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