Beammed Handheld Bone Density Screening Device

Bone Density Screening DeviceOsteoporosis is becoming a significant concern for people around the globe. There are about 48 million people with either osteoporosis or with low bone mass in the U.S. alone.
The Sunlight MiniOmni portable scanner developed by Beammed is not only very accurate, but it also leverages radiation free, non-invasive technology making it completely safe for a human body.

The most significant benefit of using Sunlight MiniOmni is its portability. Doctors can take the scanner with them to wherever they go and is ideal for use in any physician office, medical clinic, pharmacy, retail venue or annual checkup center.

The device utilizes quantitative ultrasound technology (QUS) that sends ultrasonic waves that propagate along the bone and provide precise results.

MiniOmni provides rapid results in the form of graphical measurements with WHO compliant T-score and Z-score that are widely used to assess osteoporosis. The best part of using MiniOmni is that it has no disposables resulting in nearly zero cost of operation. Furthermore, its lightweight, compact design and convenient case make it easy to carry. The MiniOmni operates on a windows based computers with a USB connectivity feature making it connectable to any PC and laptop.

Currently, MiniOmni is the only portable and handheld device for testing bone density thanks to Beammed’s advanced technology and efficient use of compact hardware architecture. Beammed is known to provide low-cost systems, and it has done the same with the MiniOmni and other OmniSense devices to help medical practitioners get faster and accurate results at low costs.

To know more about Beammed and their range of scanners or to procure their products, contact them via 800-769-6808 (free consultation), +972-3923-6869 (international) or visit www.beammed.com.



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