Bone Density Testing to Prevent Osteoporosis

Prevent Osteoporosis With a Bone Density Testing Scanner

As your body ages, your bone density may decrease, resulting in a condition known as osteoporosis. This is especially true for women aged 65 and older, and for men aged 70 and older. Bone density testing is recommended by medical experts because it is the only effective way to diagnose osteoporosis, as well as to determine just how weak the bones are. The weaker your bones are, the greater your chance of breaking or fracturing them becomes.Bone-Density-Testing

Bone density testing is an important diagnostic tool that patients and their healthcare providers can use in several different ways. The test can see if the density of the bones is getting worse, improving, or is unchanged over time. If you’re taking medicine to treat osteoporosis, the test can show if it’s working well. It can also predict if you’re at a high risk of suffering a bone break in the future.

While testing alone is not enough to prevent osteoporosis, it can give the doctor a clearer idea of the current condition of the bones. With this information, they will then be able to come up with the right treatment plan. By diagnosing weak bone mass and osteoporosis early, you can potentially prevent broken bones, as well as take the necessary steps to improve your condition.

BeamMed – Portable Bone Density Testing

In this matter, BeamMed has developed and manufacture Osteoporosis scanners available to the public and health facilities. The OMNI to accurately assess the bone age of children and early osteoporosis assessment in adults.

Sunlight Omnisense™ 8000, 9000 and the Sunlight MiniOmni™. This last one is the world’s first innovative, portable, and multi-site bone density assessment device designed exclusively for osteoporosis screening. This small and affordable unit plugs via USB into Windows™ desktop computer or 7/8-based laptop.

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