Beammed Is Attending The Upcoming Rise West Summit Annual 2022, Los Angeles Ca

BeamMed is Attending The Upcoming RISE West Summit Annual 2022, Los Angeles CA

Every year the RISE West Summit takes place, and medical experts from around the globe participate to benefit from each other’s findings and discoveries. Like each year, BeamMed is also attending the upcoming RISE West Summit Annual 2022. The event will take place in the city of angles, Los Angeles, CA, from 31st August to 2nd September 2022.

This summit will offer attendees a wealth of knowledge and insights into the latest developments in the healthcare industry. The 3-day long event will feature keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

What is the RISE Summit All About?

This summit aims to bring together the best minds in the managed care industry and share their latest findings, innovations, and strategies. By attending the RISE West Summit Annual 2022, medical professionals can learn about upcoming medical technology breakthroughs and hear from some of the world’s most distinguished experts. Here are a few things on the agenda of the event:

Deferred Care Impact
Telehealth Adoption
Healthcare policy changes
Compliance Crackdown
Showcasing the latest technology in healthcare
Executives from the globe will be attending this once-in-a-year summit with diverse backgrounds, including:
HCC Coding
Risk Adjustment
Provider Education and Engagement
Government Programs
Star Ratings and Quality Improvements
And more!

BeamMed is Also Attending the RISE Summit!

As the leading manufacturer of bone density assessment and ultrasound devices, we’ll be attending the RISE Summit 2022. We will introduce our OmniMini bone density scanner and educate attendees about its uses and benefits. Some of the things we’ll discuss include:

How OmniMini covers HEDIS OMW for two years and OSW for life
How effective it is in closing the measurement gap
How it can boost STAR ratings
How MiniOmni can maximize your patient count and, in turn, revenue
And various other benefits of using the device

Here’s a Little Bit About Our MiniOmni Bone Density Scanner:

Our Sunlight OmniMini is the most precise, non-invasive, WHO-Compliant, and radiation-free early bone assessment device for osteoporosis.

Physicians and technicians can achieve graphical data in minutes that’s also incredibly easy to understand. Plus, the results can be shared with patients online. Another feature is the lightweight and compact design of the device, ensuring excellent mobility.

The Sunlight OmniMini has proven to be the leading bone assessment device that can boost Medicare ratings from a below-average 2 to perfect 5 STARS.

Lastly, it can be connected to your computer through USB and is compatible with Windows 7 and above operating systems. This means no more working on the default consoles that come with such devices. You can view, download and share the results right from your computer.

Let’s Meet at the RISE Summit:

The BeamMed team will set up a booth at the venue to educate anyone and everyone about this revolutionary device face to face.

If you have any questions or want to know how this device can help your practice, boost Medicare STARS and increase patient count, feel free to talk to us at the event.

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