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Bone Density Scanner

Are you looking for a bone density scanner? A lot of individuals these days are at risk for osteoporosis such as postmenopausal women, people who take steroids, those with an overactive thyroid, among others. This condition is very serious, leading to physical pain and bone fractures. Therefore it is recommended to diagnosed it early with a bone density scanner.

Bone density is measured to assess bones’ strength as well as the possibility of fracture in individuals at risk for osteoporosis. The test is frequently referred to as bone mineral density scan or bone densitometry. It is a non-invasive simple procedure that takes only a few minutes.

A bone density scan assessment can help you:

  •  Learn if you have osteoporosis or weak bones before you break a bone
  •  See if your bone density is staying the same, getting worse, or improving
  •  Predict the chances of bone fracture in the future
  •  Know whether you have osteoporosis after a bone fracture
  •  Find out how effectively your osteoporosis medicine is working

Who should have a bone density assessment:

  • Men age 50 or older with risk factors
  • Men age 70 or older
  • Women age 65 or older
  • Patients that break a bone after age 50
  • Postmenopausal woman with risk factors

Sunlight MiniOmni

Sunlight MiniOmni can quickly assess bone mineral density without any hassle offering an accurate and non-invasive diagnosis within minutes. This scanner is exceptionally cost-effective and quite portable due to light weight and compact size. It is a recommended product for a quick, easy, and efficient bone density scanning. Furthermore, MiniOmni works as a good alternative to the traditional DXA-based scans where DXA monitoring or diagnosis is not an option due to the geographic limitations of available systems.

Features and Benefits

MiniOmni is a radiation-free and non-invasive scanner
• It is highly accurate due to its unique multi-site measurement feature
• Used for scanning bone density in males, females, and children
• It’s portable, compact, and lightweight
• And much more!

BeamMed – Bone Density Scanner

At Beamed we are leaders in bone density scanners. We have created the Omnisense and MiniOmni osteoporosis scanners based on our patented axial transmission technology. These bone assessment equipment are among the latest bone density tools in the market as today. Call us today for further questions at 800-769-6808 and international 972-3-923-6869 or fill out a quick form.

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