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Omnipath™ Axial Transmission Technology

Omnipath™ is a unique, patented, proprietary axial transmission technology based on the measurement of the speed of ultrasonic waves propagating along the bone. A breakthrough technology that is implemented in Sunlight MiniOmni and Omnisense™ devices, Omnipath enables measurement along the bone’s maximal strength axis, eliminating soft tissue effects and providing better accuracy and precision of measurement. Axially transmitted speed of sound (SOS) indicates overall bone strength by reflecting properties such as mineral density, elasticity, cortical thickness and microstructure.

The SOS measurement result is obtained after performing three consistent measurement cycles.

  • Repeatability and consistency of different cycles ensures repeatable, consistent results
  • Built-in quality check — No result if cycles are inconsistent
  • Improves the precision of results by minimizing dependency on individual operators

The Omnipath Advantage

  • Omnipath TechnologyStrong correlation to femoral failure load
  • Multiple strength factors: density, cortical thickness, elasticity and micro-structure
  • High precision
  • Eliminates soft tissue thickness effects
  • Sensitive to the micro-structure of the bone
  • Not influenced by bone size
  • Consistent results regardless of ambient temperature

Patented in USA and other countries.

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