Portable Bone Density Scans Made Easy

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The MiniOmni Bone Density Scanner covers HEDIS OMW for 2 Years & OSW for Life
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Bone Density Screening Made Easy

Start improving your measures with our bone density scanner – Now 3 Times Faster Patient Screening

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A small & lightweight bone density scanning device less than 2 lbs.



Fast and Accurate. Takes less than a minute to get the results.



Print out a detailed report, save it locally or export to EMR.

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Start Improving Your Measures Now

BeamMed’s HEDIS OMW Bone Density Solution that fit the NCQA HEDIS measures and close the HEDIS gaps.

Sunlight MiniOmni™ is an ultra-small screening device that can bring a huge benefit to osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring. Highly affordable and easy to use, it delivers accurate bone density assessments. Click Play to see how Sunlight MiniOmni enables early assessment of osteoporosis – without x-rays. Ultra-small and light bone sonometer that enables reliable, accurate, non invasive and safe early assessment and monitoring of bone density – with exceptional cost-effectiveness. USB connectivity to PC/laptop.

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"The Only Hand-Held Bone Density Screening Device Currently on the Market"


Portable. Affordable.

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Affordable, Professional Solutions for Early Assessment of Osteoporosis.

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