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Success Stories

  • Tarana S.Director of Network Management, Care Connectors Medical Group, CA

    ★★★★★ Our team, Care Connectors, uses the MiniOmni device in all types of settings,
    throughout the entire United States. The MiniOmni device is easy to use and user friendly.

  • Cynthia W.Assistant Professor, School of Physical Therapy, Anderson University, SC

    ★★★★★ We enjoy the simplicity of using the MiniOmni. It’s size makes it very portable and convenient to bring to health fairs. Clients enjoy how easy it is to have the ultrasound testing performed on the wrist without having to disrobe. We encourage physical therapists to perform bone health screening using QUS on their clients.

  • Dr. Shan DavidsonSenior Scientist, a priori medical sciences inc.

    ★★★★★ The Sunlight brand of ultrasounds have been available internationally for over 14 years and have enjoyed worldwide adoption with a substantial installation base. Our centre, the Saskatoon Osteoporosis and Arthritis Infusion Centre, has been using a BeamMed Sunlight Multisite Quantitative Ultrasound for both clinical assessment and epidemiologic research for over ten years.

    We believe that the multisite capability of this device provides a better clinical assessment than quantitative ultrasound machines that provide information from one site, typically the heel. The ability to assess the tibia, phalanx and, most importantly, radius provide a robust assessment of our patients. The information provided from assessment of the radius we feel is particularly valuable as it is a site that is frequently fractured in patients with osteoporosis. Measurement of skeletal status at the heel, a site infrequently fractured in patients with osteoporosis, may not provide the ideal clinical picture of a given patient’s future fracture risk and thus may not serve to be the best site for screening or assessment of osteoporosis.

    In our experience, the Sunlight Multisite Quantitative Ultrasound has proven to be a very accurate and reliable clinical and research tool. We will continue to use it and have an extensive research and publication plan in place to further detail our use of it and its strengths in assessing fracture risk and, we hope, in monitoring patient response to therapy.

  • Dennis D.US Ultrasound, Ohio

    ★★★★★ We ordered several MiniOmni units for a network of bone health franchises to increase bone density screenings. We have found the MiniOmni bone density machines to be both portable and reliable, with quick start up and no technical hassles. The short Training videos are very convenient and data is readily available on our own laptops. The Wellness Specialists are able to screen more people, more often as part of a wellness package.

  • Paul M.Director of Quality Improvement

    ★★★★★ The MiniOmni bone density scanner has been very convenient. We had an Achilles Express UltraSonometer for the last 5 years however, we like the MiniOmni for closing HEDIS gaps more because it is much easier to carry around than the Achilles Express.

  • Amy K.Clinical Research Office Coordinator

    ★★★★★ Our team uses the MiniOmni at health fairs and cancer screenings all over the state of Kansas, particularly in rural communities where access to health care is limited and on a need basis rather than preventative. This machine makes it possible to screen and educate our communities on the importance of bone health…what a blessing it is! The MiniOmni is compact, user friendly and very reliable…in short it is AMAZING!

  • Sarah H.Quality & Copulation Health, Michigan

    ★★★★★ We started our MiniOmni bone density sonometer testing phase, and I am amazed how quick and easy it is. Our team simply watched the Training Videos and we were able to start immediately, and complete several bone density screenings successfully.

  • T. CrawfordCare Coordinator, Health Management

    ★★★★★  Thank you for the superb customer service.  I use the Mini Omni Device daily and I love the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to transport.  The results seem to be accurate when comparing to patients having a DEXA scan after I scan them.  I have never had any difficulties when using the machine.  The machine’s performance is excellent.

  • Manuel B.American Care Centers

    ★★★★★  I highly recommend the MiniOmni portable bone density scanner. My group purchased several Mini Omni and have been very pleased with the results. We perform dozens of scans every week, at many centers, for Preventative Care screening. We like that it is easy for anyone to use, on a desk or table, even in a small office area. The responsiveness with product delivery and support was easy and convenient.

  • Dr. Sumfest & Dr. Hernandez

    ★★★★★  As was proven, in-office screening using the Sunlight MiniOmni is the most practical way to guarantee 100% compliance for the general OMW population. When using the MiniOmni, any office can quickly close gaps, prevent gaps, improve its OMW score and finally, in the future, reduce the overall number of fractures. We know that there were a number of factors that helped bring about the year over year STARS improvement from 3 to 4 in 13' / 14', including; emphasis with offices to improve OMW, the designation of a person to follow up on GAPS, and having bone density screening device available in the clinic. The use of the MiniOmni bone densitometer was significant part of this success.

  • Marge H.Western Health Screenings

    ★★★★★  We are so happy with the results from the Mini Omni portable bone density scanners that we recently purchased more units. Our group screens hundreds of people every year through community health screenings in MT, WY, and Colorado. We like that it is easy for anyone on staff to use, and also in training on-site volunteers to operate in this screening setting. The equipment doesn’t take much time or space and isn’t temperature dependent during transport. Product support and delivery was also very convenient and easy.

  • C. BarcellonaSenior Manager, Retail Care

    ★★★★★  Our Florida Retail Centers have been able to add about 10% more members scanned for the overall OMW HEDIS measure, resulting in a one star improvement in our overall rating.

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More About The MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Device

Osteoporosis Early Assessment Anywhere Using The Sunlight MiniOmni™

Sunlight MiniOmni™ is an ultra-small screening device that can bring a huge benefit to osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring. Highly affordable and easy to use, it delivers accurate bone density assessments. Click Play to see how Sunlight MiniOmni enables early assessment of osteoporosis – without x-rays.

Ultra-small and light bone sonometer that enables reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe early assessment and monitoring of bone density – with exceptional cost-effectiveness. USB connectivity to PC/laptop.

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