Most Portable & Lightweight

Bone Density Assessment Scanner Available

✔ Lightweight & Compact Provides Fast, Easy Screening

Its ultra-small size and weight (even lighter than a hardcover book) and intuitive ease of use makes it ideal for use in any physician office or medical clinic, pharmacy, annual checkup center or home.

✔ Easy To Use For In Home Visits – No Undressing

Unlike other devices on the market that measures the heel bone (Calcaneus), the Sunlight MiniOmni provides an easy and comfortable way of measuring the forearm bone (Radius). The test is performed next to a standard table with no need to bend over towards the floor or to undress / take off shoe and sock.

✔ Helps To Improve Quality Standards – Improves Star Ratings!

One of the most accurate portable bone densitometry systems. MiniOmni uses the Sunlight Omnipath quantitative ultrasound technology that has been proven in thousands of Sunlight Omnisense installations worldwide since 2000. Compared within 2% accuracy to a DXA. Equal in accuracy to the Lunar Achilles.

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    The Preferred Bone Density HEDIS OMW Solution For Our Customers

    Improve Your Quality Star Ratings With The MiniOmni

    MiniOmni is based on the same proprietary Sunlight Omnipath quantitative ultrasound technology that has been proven in thousands of Sunlight Omnisense installations worldwide.

    MiniOmni Instructional Video

    MiniOmni Portable Ultrasound Bone Densitometer:

    ✔ Early assessment of osteoporosis
    ✔ No need for the patient to undress
    ✔ Ultrasound test, No ionizing radiation
    ✔ Scan can be performed by any trained technician
    ✔ Immediate printed report
    ✔ Small, lightweight, compact, portable
    ✔ Most affordable, clinical test for osteoporosis

    BeamMed USA is offering a solution that was proven in dozens of health providers and hundreds of clinics as a perfect tool for gaining the Medicare stars, according to the Hedis data collection protocol. Hedis reporting proved that Medicare 5 star rating was achieved in just a few months of using our MiniOmni bone density assessment, allowing HMOs’ to close the Hedis gaps, Prevent new gaps from happening and most of all – assist in the prevention of osteoporosis fractures.

    Bone Density Screening Is Easy As 1.. 2.. 3!


    The only hand-held portable bone density screening solution for clinics / home visits.


    • Fast measurement at the arm
    • Saves undressing time & space


    • Instant results
    • Standard letter page
    • Color report (printable / PDF)

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