The Importance of Diagnosing Osteoporosis in Women

A widespread yet underrated medical condition, Osteoporosis is a bone disease seldom paid importance to in the world of today. In this condition, the bones are porous, meaning they lack density and contain holes – unlike the regular bone structure. This results in the bones becoming brittle, and thus susceptible to injury and breakage. A simple fall that may not have been as harmful before can cause bone fractures when one possesses Osteoporosis.

Albeit there being speculations of the cause of Osteoporosis being Calcium and Vitamin-D deficiency, the disease is one that comes unannounced. Many times one may not even be aware they possess such a condition until a fall and/or bone fracture stresses upon the severity of the situation. One peculiar implication of this illness is loss of height and fractures. Due to the massive complications Osteoporosis holds, it must get diagnosed and treated at the right time.

Although being a gender-neutral disease, Osteoporosis majorly affects women. Women usually have a fragile figure than men – meaning thinner bone structure. Hormonal changes among women, especially post-menopausal women, are essential leading factors to this disease. Estrogen is produced by the female body to protect bones. However, its production decreases drastically after the onset of menopause, thus making bones susceptible to greater damage. Even for the women who are not post-menopausal, if they have a very irregular menstrual system, this may direct towards difficulties in Estrogen production.

Thus contrary to popular belief, Osteoporosis does not only come as a consequence of aging but can also sneak up on younger adults. Therefore, timely diagnosis of this condition is imperative to be able to stop it in its tracks and make way for a healthier body instead. Doctors usually diagnose this disease via bone x-rays. However, this can seem expensive and difficult at times.

To ease convenience and enhance affordability, the Sunlight MiniOmni is a great alternative to x-rays. Alongside being radiation-free, it is easy to use. Operating in the same way as an ultrasound, apply the gel to the mentioned areas and move the hand-held MiniOmni over it to get bone-readings. Transfer the reading to your laptop or PC with a connected cable, and immediately attain accurate bone density assessments.
Never has the diagnosis of Osteoporosis been so easier, yet accurate. Get tested now, as early as possible, for prevention is better than cure.

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