Beammed Will Offer Insights To Covering Hedis Omw/osw Measures

BeamMed Will Offer Insights to Covering HEDIS OMW/OSW Measures

Looking to achieve 5 stars on your HEDIS quality score? BeamMed will have the answer for you when it comes to covering HEDIS OMW/OSW and other CMS measures at Qualipalooza 2022. This 2-day summit will be a key opportunity for businesses to network with some of the top players in the quality improvement space, as well as the chance to see first-hand how Beamed can help you achieve your healthcare quality management goals.

What’s Qualipalooza 2022?

Simply put, Qualipalooza is based on two key elements; learning and networking, both of which are crucial in the healthcare quality management sector. The 2-day event consists of various agendas with a core focus on sharing insights to improve healthcare service quality and ultimately achieve higher performance scores and ratings.

Strategies for creating better customer engagement, and preventing dis-enrollment will also be discussed to ensure customer retention rate maximization.

Furthermore, the event will educate attendees on the use of cutting-edge tools like the MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner that can close quality gaps and improve scores.

BeamMed Will Also Be There:

As one of the leading manufacturers of bone density assessment solutions and advanced ultrasound technology devices, BeamMed will also attend at Qualipalooza event. We’ll set up a booth to educate attendees about the role of our MiniOmni portable bone density scanner device in closing the HEDIS OMW gaps and how it covers HEDIS OMW for two years and OSW for life.

The Sunlight MiniOmni is the most common, radiation-free, non-invasive, and WHO-compliant tool for bone density assessments. It offers an easy-to-understand measurement report in less than a minute, allowing you to better understand the nitty-gritty of the tests and share them with your patients. Plus, the device is compact and lightweight, so mobility is not an issue. You can connect it with your laptop via USB and start working as its compatible with all Windows 10 and above operating systems.

Our device has been proven time and time to boost low Medicare ratings from 2 or 3 to 5 STARS. By offering precise bone density assessments, it helps healthcare providers to correctly diagnose the condition of bones and take measures to prevent fractures.

We’ll See You On the Other Side:

Visit us at the Qualipalooza event for information that will cover all aspects of HEDIS OMW/OSW measures, including:

  • How to correctly measure and report on OSW/OMW measures
  • How to get a perfect 5 stars on your HEDIS quality score
  • How MiniOmni can improve the quality of your OMW/OSW measurements and help you cover the HEDIS measure gap
  • How to maximize revenues with portable bone-density scanners
  • How to Increase customer engagement and retention

This is a unique opportunity for businesses to learn more about the latest developments in the industry and how to achieve 5 stars. We can’t wait to see you there!

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