Osteoporosis Prevention

Testing Your Bone Density For Osteoporosis Prevention

Testing your bone density may not be a usual task on your priority list, but osteoporosis is a skeletal condition that can affect anyone. Far more women than men, low bone mass puts them more at risk, so regular and early bone density testing can significantly help you.

Beammed Portable Bone Density Scanner

Beammed is a trusted company solely focused on bone health with our bone density assessment solutions. When it comes to osteoporosis, testing of bone density and management of the issue is key. This is a widespread disease that affects over ten million Americans. Manage your healthcare using HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) and OMW (Osteoporosis Management in Women). Beammed goes a step further by developing high-quality bone density assessment solutions. Women need to take action to combat the possibility of osteoporosis.

Once osteoporosis is diagnosed, there is no way for it to be reversed, so making bone density testing a regular part of your medical routine can help manage its effects on the body. Our MiniOmni bone density scanner use the highest level of technology to successfully test bone density and test the body with a quality ultrasound device. Utilizing the growing medical technologies to help prevent further bone mass loss can make osteoporosis a little easier. Improving your quality of life is the main focus of BeamMed. That is why we are continually researching and expanding on the best medical technologies to help women combat the effects of osteoporosis.

At Beammed, all of our Bone Density Scanners are based on our patented Omnipath technology. It is an ultrasound technology specifically for osteoporosis testing and improves HEDIS OMW stars. Our devices are valued in many hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and pharmacies worldwide.

We take pride in our work and the research we do every day to improve testing bone density and the early effects of osteoporosis. We will continue to address osteoporosis’s widespread problem by providing research and high-quality medical devices to expand our Omnipath technology.

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