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HEDIS OSW Helps Osteoporosis Patients and Early Detection

Osteoporosis is a disorder that causes the bone density to reduce with time, making bones so weak they get fractured even with a light fall. Regular testing in Osteoporosis Patients has many benefits as it is tracked by HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information) to ensure early detection among women to manage their condition properly. Read on to know more.

How HEDIS OSW Helps Osteoporosis Patients and Early Detection?

If detected at an early stage, osteoporosis can easily be prevented or even treated via appropriate medications and supplements. For this, bone density tests provide a specific density rating called a T-score, helping doctors identify osteoporosis or the potential of having the condition in the future.

Women based on past medical history, especially those over menopause years, need testing. Also, many of them don’t monitor their osteoporosis treatment. This uncertainty leads to the advancement of the disease leading to a point where a small fall can cause the bones to fracture.

But the good news is that with HEDIS OSW (Osteoporosis Screening in Older Women), frequent testing of women over 65 or those with a previous fracture is being treated.

The focus of this testing is on preventing fractures that are caused by osteoporosis, typically in an advanced stage. With free-of-cost testing via cutting-edge machines like Sunlight MiniOmni, practitioners can easily detect the disease at early stages and then prescribe relevant medicines. This eliminates the ‘gap’ in healthcare, which is no guidance about frequent bone density tests among a certain group of women, especially when accessible.

How Can Sunlight MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner Help?

Health care practitioners need the most advanced devices to figure out bone density among women with greater accuracy. Luckily, with the help of Sunlight MiniOmni by BeamMed USA, they can do just that. It is portable, lightweight, and can be transported anywhere you want, especially during on-site visits.

The device has helped dozens of payers, healthcare providers and clinics gain the most Medicare stars per the HEDIS data collection protocol. Furthermore, it is affordable, generates results quickly, and helps patients improve their HEDIS OMW measure from an average of 2-3 to a 5, which means better ROI.

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