Portable Scanner Early Osteoporosis Detection

Osteoporosis is a bone-related disease that empties the bones, making them hollow and vulnerable to breakage. This can be extremely painful and chronic once it reaches advanced stages. Therefore early detection is imperative to ensure it is properly managed and treated. Read on to know more.

Importance of Early Detection of Osteoporosis:

Millions of people suffer from osteoporosis, and some have it so severe that it practically immobilizes them for life. It starts taking over the person’s bones without them even realizing it, causing low bone density.

By the time it’s diagnosed, it’s usually because of continuous bone or joint paint compelling the patient to visit a doctor who then diagnoses this issue. Typically, by the time it is identified, bone density is reduced, causing severe fractures even with a very light fall.

With the help of early detection using portable bone-density scanners, osteoporosis can be assessed at the initial stages to prevent fractures. Once diagnosed, various Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are prescribed along with some exercises as treatment.

How is Bone Density Tested?

The process can assess the bone’s structure and integrity with cutting-edge technology with a density rate based on a ‘T-Score.’ According to T-score, -1.0 or above is considered normal, while anything between -1.0 and -2.5 indicates low bone density. A T-score below -2.5 means surety of osteoporosis.

Sunlight MiniOmni by BeamMed USA Can Help:

The one-of-a-kind portable bone density scanner to detect osteoporosis is called Sunlight MiniOmni, developed by BeamMed. The company understands how crucial it is to diagnose and treat osteoporosis early in women, especially those at a higher risk of getting this disease (over the age of 65). The Sunlight MiniOmni is the top-class HEDIS OSW screening solution that will not only help with the early detection of this disease but will provide doctors and physicians with better ROI. The device’s main benefits include proven accuracy, testing for up to 99 years of age, fast diagnosis, user-friendliness, and WHO-compliant T-scores, to name a few.

Beammed Early Osteoporosis Detection

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