T Score Bone Density

What is a T Score Bone Density and How to Improve It?

Have you heard the term T score bone density at your doctor’s office? If you’re undergoing a bone density test, your results will come in the form of what is known as a T score. A T score bone density reveals how much lower or higher your specific bone density is, compared to that of a healthy adult at age 30. With this score, and other relevant risk factors, your medical care provider will be able to diagnose if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis conditions and also be able to determine if you are at a greater risk of fracturing or breaking a bone.

A normal T score bone density ranges between -1 and above. A low bone density, which indicates a condition known as osteopenia, is between -1 and -2.5. A T score of -2.5 and below reveals a likely diagnosis of osteoporosis.

If your T score does show that you might have low bone density, your physician may come up with a treatment plan to help improve the condition of your bones. This may include taking a prescription medicine, making changes to your diet and nutrition, and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Regular screenings should be performed in order to see if the bones are improving, worsening, or staying the same. The subsequent T score bone density results can improve with the right care plan in place.

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