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Osteoporosis Early Assessment Anywhere Using The Sunlight MiniOmni™

Sunlight MiniOmni™ is an ultra-small device that can bring a huge benefit to osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring. Highly affordable and easy to use, it delivers accurate bone density measurements. Click Play to see how Sunlight MiniOmni enables early assessment of osteoporosis – without x-rays.

Bone Assessment Solutions for Every Age Group

BeamMed offers bone density measurement solutions for every patient, from 0 – 99 years, with dedicated software solutions for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

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Hedis Solutions

HEDIS is a tool used by more than 90 percent of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service. Because so many plans collect HEDIS data, and because the measures are so specifically defined, HEDIS makes it possible to compare the performance of health plans on an “apples-to-apples” basis. Health plans also use HEDIS results themselves to see where they need to focus their improvement efforts.

BeamMed’s Hedis OMW Bone Density Solution that fit the NCQA Hedis measures and help close the Hedis gaps.

BeamMed USA is proud to offer a solution that was proven in dozens of health providers and hundreds of clinics as a perfect tool for gaining the Medicare stars, according to the Hedis data collection. In fact, the Hedis reporting proved that in just a few months use of our bone density scan, a Medicare 5 star rating was achieved. Find out more about Hedis and Hedis OMW solutions at

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