Osteoporosis Early Assessment Anywhere Using The Sunlight MiniOmni™

Sunlight MiniOmni™ is an ultra-small device that can bring a huge benefit to osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring. Highly affordable and easy to use, it delivers accurate bone density measurements. Click Play to see how Sunlight MiniOmni enables early assessment of osteoporosis – without x-rays.

MiniOmni demonstartion

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Bone Assessment Solutions for Every Age Group

BeamMed offers bone density measurement solutions for every patient, from 0 -99 years, with dedicated software solutions for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

Bone Health Assessment Products

  • The flagship product in the market-proven Sunlight family of Omnipath™-based bone sonometers. Accurate, reliable early assessment of osteoporosis. Non-invasive, quick, ultrasound-based.
    Omnisense 7000 overview

  • Ultra-small and light bone sonometer that enables reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe early assesment and monitoring of bone density – with exceptional cost-effectiveness. USB connectivity to PC/laptop. MiniOmni Overview

  • Portable bone sonometer for early assessment, and monitoring of osteoporosis in any patient, with ultimate ease and convenience. Highly reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe.
     OmniSense 8000 overview

  • Unique ultrasound-based sonometer for testing bone age in children and adolescents aged 5 – 18 years without exposing them to ionizing x-ray radiation.

    BonAge overview

  • New version of standalone osteoporosis assessment and monitoring system features large touch-screen, advanced hardware and software, and other improvements.
    Based on proprietary Sunlight Omnipath™ quantitative ultrasound technology, proven in thousands of installations worldwide to deliver highly accurate and safe multi-site bone status assessment .
    Omnisense 9000 Overview