Bone Density And Growth Assessment Software For Children

Are you looking for a growth assessment software for children? The bone health of children is an important medical concern because low bone mass and fractures may complicate chronic disorders in their future lives. Research has shown that 35% to 65% increase in common childhood fractures over the past four decades has raised concerns that current life activities are compromising early bone health. For example, children with forearm fractures have been shown to have lower bone mass, less calcium intake and a greater percentage of body fat, than peers their age with no history of fracture. Even though, fractures are common in otherwise healthy youth as well; peak incidence occurs during their earlier years. Also, children are known to have deficiencies in iron, zinc and calcium, plus the vulnerability of bone fracture, have increased the demand for better diagnostic tools to address bone health in children.

Bone density and growth assessment software for children

Sunlight Pediatric software is an innovative, radiation-free solution to assess safely and precisely bone density in children. Designed for patients aged 0 – 18 years, it works with any of the Sunlight range of bone sonometers such as Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000, Omnisense 8000, and MiniOmni™. The Sunlight bone sonometer can provide an early assessment of inadequate bone strength development, and give children a head start towards reaching their peak bone mass.

Solid Company with a Strong Growth Path

The Sunlight product line is wholly focused on bone health and is owned by BeamMed Ltd. Founded in 2004 and with headquarters in Israel, is privately owned and led by a seasoned management team and backed by strong investment groups that provide a solid financial base for its development and global growth plans.

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