RISE Qualipalooza Summit 2023, Miami, FL

Rise Qualipalooza Summit 2023, Location Tbd

RISE Qualipalooza Summit 2023, Miami, FL

RISE Qualipalooza Summit 2023, Miami Florida

Qualipalooza June 20-22, 2022
Hyatt Regency Miami

Join the only conference covering all four areas of quality improvement in-depth to achieve and maintain high scores. Designed for professionals who work in quality roles for Medicare and Medicaid, this conference is an opportunity to learn and network with quality measure specialists with decades of experience to improve member care, obtain the highest quality scores, and maintain those scores over extended periods of time.


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BeamMed develops, manufactures and markets bone density assessment solutions. We are leaders in advanced ultrasound technology and devices that enable physicians to provide early assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis and bone age. Thousands of our devices are in use in physician offices, clinics, HMO’s, hospitals, research centers, check-up centers and pharmacies around the world. Call today at  800-769-6808 or 972 (3) 923 6869 or 972 (3) 923 6867.

Visit our website at www.beammed.com or 


Jun 20 - 22 2023

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Hyatt Regency Miami
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