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Leading Provider of Bone Density Assessment Solutions, Beam Med Ltd

Beam Med Ltd. is one of the leading providers of bone density assessment and monitoring solutions, reputed for the use of advanced ultrasound technology and devices. With the launch of 4 amazing products, Beam Med Ltd. has continued to lead the health technology industry with its wide range of unique and effective solutions, focusing on offering a wide range of bone density assessment solutions. The products include the Sunlight MiniOmni™ and the Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000.

Bone Density Assessment SolutionsThe Sunlight MiniOmni™ bone sonometer is designed to provide a unique solution for the early assessment of osteoporosis. It provides an affordable Bone Density Assessment Solutionsyet effective alternative to enabling reliable, accurate, non-invasive and safe monitoring of bone density. The gadget comes in an ultra-small size and weight and is easy to use, connecting conveniently to the USB-port of Windows™ 7 and above PCs and laptops, making it easy to use in any physician office or medical clinic, pharmacy, annual checkup center or other retail venues.

The Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000 Quantitative Ultrasound Bone Sonometer is another amazing device from Beam Med, designed to enable quick, user-friendly assessment of osteoporosis. The flagship product in the Sunlight family of Omnipath™-based solutions has since been proven in thousands of installations across the globe.

The third solution from Beam Med Ltd is the portable Sunlight Omnisense™ 8000 Quantitative Ultrasound. The portable Bone Sonometer ensures Bone Density Assessment Solutionsthat physicians are able to provide early assessment and monitoring of osteoporosis in patients, with ease and convenience. The product offers radiation-free bone density measurement, with itsBone Density Assessment Solutions high reliability, accuracy, and “non-invasiveness” making it increasingly popular amongst patients and clinicians.

The Sunlight Omnisense™ 9000 Quantitative Ultrasound Bone Sonometer is the fourth product from the bone density assessment and monitoring solutions provider. The device features a cable-free touch-screen and a user-friendly interface. Designed for use in clinics or other points of care with a heavy workload, the device is designed to enable enables ultrasound-based osteoporosis screening at a touch.Bone Density Assessment Solutions

Each of the products has continued to be unique solutions to patients and physicians, which explains the continuous growth in Beam Med’s popularity across the globe. “Thank you for the superb customer service. I use the Mini Omni Device daily and I love the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to transport. The results Bone Density Assessment Solutionsseem to be accurate when comparing to patients having a DEXA scan after I scan them. I have never had any difficulties when using the machine. The machine’s performance is excellent,” says T. CrawfordBlueCross BlueShield, AL.

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