The Omnisense™ Multi-Site Measurement Advantage

Sunlight Omnisense™ is currently the only bone sonometer on the market that can measure at multiple skeletal sites. Multi-site testing provides a better chance of identifying individual cases of osteoporosis as well as enabling flexibility in testing patients who cannot be tested at a particular skeletal site. Multi-site measurement also has advantages in monitoring treatment results, because different bones may respond to treatment at different rates.

Getting the Whole Picture

Due to the systemic nature of osteoporosis, having a multi-site measurement option provides an overall picture of the skeleton and offers many advantages to the physician:


  • Combining measurement results of different skeletal sites can optimize fracture risk assessment*.
  • Using multiple measurement sites enables physicians to overcome the dilemma of how to diagnose patients who:
    • Have a clinical indication of osteoporosis but whose initial/single site measurement results do not support this.
    •  Require a more conclusive diagnosis

Monitoring Response to Treatment
Different bones respond to treatment at varying rates and degrees. Using multi-site measurements, the physician can identify and monitor small bone changes in a relatively short period of time, allowing more effective monitoring and treatment decisions when treating osteoporosis.

* Please note that the following features have not been approved by the US FDA:

  • Measurement at the Tibia bone
  • Combining measurement results of different skeletal sites
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