Easier In-office Diagnostics For Health Care Providers With Beammed

Easier In-Office Diagnostics for Health Care Providers with BeamMed

A fracture can cause anyone anguish, and it can be even more troubling when you’re prone to fractures due to osteoporosis. Also, as a disease that is caused due to low bone density, an individual’s body not making enough bone tissue can cause problems in the near future.

Osteoporosis is the most common bone ailment today, and inadequate testing can make it harder for individuals to adjust their lifestyles to handle the disease. The disease remains silent until fractures occur, which can cause worse health problems for individuals affected by it.

BeamMed’s MiniOmni Portable Bone Densitometer

Before BeamMed’s MiniOmni, many patients and at-risk individuals had to undergo tests that required radiation exposure and took hours for results to arrive. With BeamMed’s MiniOmni, diagnostics for bone density can be achieved within minutes.

The MiniOmni has high accuracy when it comes to detecting bone density and is safe for all adults under the age of 99. It is non-invasive and has USB-port connectivity, making it easy to hook up to any Windows 7 and above PCs and laptops.

With its proven safety and accuracy, the MiniOmni has become the ideal in-office diagnostic tool when healthcare providers want to check for osteoporosis risk.

Ease and Convenience for Health Providers and Individuals

The MiniOmni makes diagnosing and treating patients with osteoporosis easier and more efficient. With its precise measurements, healthcare providers can find out the level of risk an individual faces from osteoporosis (low, medium, high).

The MiniOmni delivers results in WHO-compliant T-scores and Z-scores at extremely affordable prices. The low system cost combined with a near-zero cost of operation makes it ideal for every healthcare provider to have it in their office for checking osteoporosis.

The densitometer is compact and portable, so healthcare providers who set up temporary clinics and diagnostics camps in other locations can also carry it along with them. It provides a detailed explanation that can make it easier for healthcare providers to explain to patients what measures they should take to prevent fractures and improve their lifestyles to combat osteoporosis.

Making Lifestyle and Other Changes to Combat Osteoporosis

An early diagnosis of osteoporosis can help individuals combat the disease and even potentially save their life. Individuals who face fractures combined with osteoporosis are prone to a lower quality of life and high financial burden, not to mention the considerable stress it puts on their lives.

Healthcare providers can significantly help increase a patient’s bone density mass and help prevent the dangers caused by osteoporosis-related fractures. Catching this silent disease in its tracks can help individuals live healthier and more fulfilling life.

Increasing awareness among healthcare providers to conduct testing on groups vulnerable to osteoporosis, like post-menopausal women, men, and women over 50 years of age, can help reduce morbidity factors.

An osteoporosis-related fracture occurs every 3 seconds, and it can be easily prevented with the right testing and consultation. Call Beammed to learn about our osteoporosis portable scanner at 800-769-6808

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