Adult Population and Decrease in Bone Density

Adult Population and Decrease in Bone Density

Are you worried about a decrease in bone density? In the medical field, osteoporosis assessments are used to diagnose and measure bone density; as these indicators can prevent further osteoporosis deterioration and fracture risks in older adults. As calcium and phosphate are needed by the human body to promote healthy bone growth; pediatric patients between 0 – 18 years are also suggested to get assessed in this matter to prevent any complications in their adulthood.

Calcium and Phosphate Deficiencies

When the level of calcium and phosphate decreases, bone density also decreases. During the lifespan of a human being, the older bones are reabsorbed, and new ones are created. With this whole procedure, the skeleton of a human is replaced almost every 10 years. The density of the human bones remains in balance and doesn’t decrease if the balance remains in older and new bones. However, loss of bone structure occurs when older bones are reabsorbed, and new bones are not formed. This process causes a decreased level issue of bone density.

Age and Osteoporosis

Aging is also a cause of decreased bone density levels; however, sometimes this phenomenon runs in families as is inherited (Holick, 2004) Inelastic and fragile bones can be prone to anything that ultimately results in the destruction of the human body, especially bones. It is necessary to have a bone assessment at any age especially in adulthood. (Cole & Raymond, 2008).

Beammed Osteoporosis Portable Scanners – Decrease in Bone Density

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