Sunlight Omnisense 9000 Bone Density Screening

Bone Density Screening

Are you looking for a bone density screening? Osteoporosis is a serious disease, and it is causing a huge health burden in the United States. As the population ages, this burden also grows. Osteoporosis involves the disruption of the micro-architecture of the skeleton, bone fragility, and low bone mass. Typically, this disease shows no symptoms until the bone loss has occurred. Bone density screening is critical to the early diagnosis of this problem.

Bone-Density-ScreeningImportance of Bone Density Screening

As osteoporosis is typically symptom-free until permanent damage has been done, it is important to have an early diagnosis to assess the treatment options which can stop or slow the progression of the disease. A bone density scan carried out by an accurate and advanced equipment such as Sunlight Omnisense 9000 is the best way to measure bone density and the risk of osteoporosis. Bone density scans such as this are painless and fast, and can be used to assess fracture risk, measure bone density, diagnose osteoporosis and precursor conditions, as well as to evaluate the effects of medication on the health of bones.

When to Have an Early Bone Density Scan?

According to medical experts, the standard guideline of getting a bone density scan is age 65. However, there are certain conditions in which it is recommended to get a bone density scan at age 60 or even earlier, especially if you have known risk factors for osteoporosis.

Following are some risk factors in which getting an early bone density scan is recommended:

• Personal history of fractures
• Family history of osteoporosis
• Early menopause
• Body weight of less than 127 pounds
• Rheumatoid arthritis which requires treatment with glucocorticoid drugs
• Thyroid disease which requires treatment with any thyroid replacement hormones

Sunlight Omnisense 9000

The Sunlight Omnisense 9000 allows a fast, efficient, and accurate ultrasound-based osteoporosis screening. It is a reliable device with great features such as user-friendly interface and cable-free touchscreen ideal for walk-in clinics, physician’s office, or a pharmacy.

Features and Benefits

• Omnisense 9000 is cost-effective and requires zero cost for operation
• It features fast and accurate results
• The product does not require ongoing maintenance or calibration
• It is made according to stringent quality standards
• Non-invasive, patient friendly, and radiation-free
• It doesn’t require the patient to undress or remove his/her shoes
• Allows for a simple and efficient workflow
• It features a simplified patient file management and built-in training modules for easy learning
• It can fit any office/clinic due to its minimal space requirements
• Ideal for heavy workload, plus no wires/cables required
• It features advanced capabilities for pediatrics and neonatal
• And much more!

BeamMed – Bone Density Screening

Osteoporosis can be a quite devastating disease, and sometimes even a life-threatening. Getting a bone density scan at the right time is crucial for ensuring that your bones stay strong and healthy for a lifetime. BeamMed has the latest bone density screening solution and Hedis measures. Call today for a FREE Consultation 800-769-6808 | International +972-3-923-6869

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