Bone Density Scan For Children

Are you looking for a bone density scan for children? Bones are vital parts of our body. Without the proper functioning of the skeletal system, you will have a hard time performing a lot of activities. Because the skeletal system is responsible for your ability to move, checking the health of your bones from time to time is very crucial.

Osteoporosis in Children

Generally, most individuals associate osteoporosis – a condition categorized by low bone density and vulnerability to bone fractures with

Bone Density Scan BeamMed

Bone Density Scan BeamMed

older men and women in mid-life. However, osteoporosis also occurs at a shocking rate in children. Therefore, it is recommended for parents of children who experience various sprains or fractures from apparently mild injuries, to have their child evaluated.

Over the last several years, pediatric orthopedists have developed an increasing awareness of osteoporosis in children, as there have been more such cases than before. And it can also be said that the actual number of children with low bone density is rapidly increasing for several reasons. Those reasons may include a less active lifestyle, decrease exposure to the sun – which is a vital source of vitamin D, and poor nutrition.

Importance of Measuring Bone Density in Children

Concern for low bone density in children has resulted in increased interest in bone density tests and scanning. Pediatric patients with acquired and genetic chronic diseases, inadequate nutrition, and immobility may fail to attain the expected growth in bone size, strength, and mass which leaves the bones vulnerable to fracture.

Bone Density Scan For ChildrenLow bone density (also called pre-osteoporosis or osteopenia) is not a disease; it is an indication that the bone mineral density of your child is below normal. And if something is not done to stop bone loss, then there’s a high chance that children with osteopenia will develop osteoporosis. Therefore, A bone density scan is very important as it helps find out the amount of minerals in the bones. Low bone density generally develops until diagnosed, and individuals with low bone density are more likely to break a bone as compared to individuals with normal bone density.

A recommended way to measure bone density is the one which is radiation-free and safe. Sunlight Pediatric Software offers a radiation-free approach to assessing bone density in children. It is easy-to-use and quickly offers the physician with an accurate bone strength assessment.

BeamMed – Bone Density Scan

At BeamMed, we offer various bone density assessments solutions. Our goal is to provide the physicians with latest and high-quality monitoring and assessment devices to help better diagnose osteoporosis and bone age. For more details give us a call for a FREE Consultation 800-769-6808 | International +972-3-923-6869 or fill out a quick form Here.

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