BonAgeBonage – Pediatric Configuration

BonAge Pediatric – Bone density and growth assessment software for children

Sunlight Pediatric software offers a unique, radiation-free solution to the challenge of safely and accurately assessing bone density in children. Designed specifically for use with pediatric patients aged 0 – 18 years, Sunlight Pediatric works with any of the Sunlight range of bone sonometers – Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000, Omnisense 8000, and MiniOmni™. Quick and easy to use, Sunlight Pediatric software provides the physician with an accurate bone strength evaluation.

Helping Children Reach their Potential
Sunlight Pediatric was developed in response to the growing need to measure and monitor children during their critical growth years. Research indicates that inadequate physical activity and poor nutrition can compromise bone development and lead to fractures even among otherwise healthy children. This can in turn lead to poor skeletal health and osteoporosis later in life.

With Sunlight Pediatric, children with known risk factors such as poor nutritional habits, eating disorders, sedentary lifestyles, and premature birth or low birth weight have access to bone strength assessment. With measurements performed using a Sunlight bone sonometer, the software can provide an early warning of inadequate bone strength development, giving children a head start in working towards reaching their peak bone mass.

Accurate Results
Featuring patented Omnipath™ technology and working with the Sunlight bone sonometers, Sunlight Pediatric automatically compares speed of sound measurements to a unique built-in reference database of healthy children ages 0-18. Results are expressed as age- and gender-matched Z-scores and percentiles. All results are presented in a graphical report that can be stored or printed. The software includes patient history and scheduling features which enable easy tracking of measurement history.

*** Please note that the BonAge has not yet been approved by the FDA.