Poor Bone Health May Start Earlier Than You Think

BeamMed: Poor Bone Health May Start In Adolescence

Bone health in the adolescent years is as significant as in adulthood. However, most of the symptoms and devastating consequences are often identified decades later.

When an adolescent fractures a bone, a suspicion for poor bone health should be raised. It’s challenging at this age to determine which adolescent is manifesting earlier signs of skeletal pathology because is common in this age group to get fractures. For example, isolated fractures involving the wrist or ankle is less likely to cause concern for poor bone health.

Poor Bone Health

Poor Bone Health

However, those involving fractures such as the hip or spine should trigger a major concern and further evaluation for a bone assessment. Similarly, low-impact fractures like the femur bones may signal poor bone health as well.

Identifying adolescents with low bone density and frequent history of bone fractures is advisable to improve their bone mass before their full skeletal growth. Considering bone health during this stage of life is essential for prevention and find the right treatment.

Bonage – Pediatric Configuration for Poor Bone Health 

Bonage – Pediatric Configuration

Bonage – Pediatric Configuration

Initial assessment for adolescents at risk should be evaluated and reaching a conclusive diagnosis should be assessed with the latest technology. The most innovative cutting-edge technology to screen for bone health offers a radiation-free solution to assess safely and accurately bone density in adolescents. Is designed specifically to use with pediatric patients aged 0 – 18 years. The Sunlight bone sonometers include Sunlight Omnisens 700, Omnisense 8000, and MiniOmni™.

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